Strathdon Dairy Farm

Name: Strathdon Dairy Farm
Dairy Farm Streamline Project

Niche FM was engaged at Strathdon Dairy farm who were undergoing a change in management. The farm owner wished to have simple to follow systems in place to establish the smooth running of the farming operation and ensure the new dairy farming season was successful. Information retention is an important part of farm management change and the farm can be vulnerable without having clear procedures in place for the use of key assets such as Milking machine operation and washing procedures, use of irrigation system, use of effluent system, use of herd management system, water system layout/maintenance and much more.

Niche FM was tasked with setting up clear, easy to follow procedures for key assets and assisting the new management with understanding how to get the most out of the on-farm tools. Niche FM was also tasked with setting up information storage in the ‘cloud’ so that should there be any future management changes the key information is retained and passed on.

Project Approach & Methodology

  1. Meet on farm with the new management team and the farm owner to evaluate current systems and procedures and identify gaps and vulnerabilities.
  2. Collate farm records and key information to be retained and establish an online platform for storing files for future reference.
  3. Create a farm email address for communication between farm owners, farm management and contractors so that information will be retained during any future changes.
  4. Assist with computer software set up, computer protection and appropriate logins.
  5. Create procedures using clear instructions and photos.
  6. Set up and train farm management team on a day to day job management platform that can be used online or from mobile devices to ensure simple management of Jobs and staff.
  7. Set up farm managements mobile phone with all of the above tools for easy on the go use.
  8. Provide the farm management and farm owner with a clear report with findings and recommendations.

The Results

The farm owners now have comfort knowing that they have clear procedures in place to prevent errors where possible that can bring costly milk quality grades and/or down time. These are laminated and displayed in the appropriate place on farm and stored in the cloud. All farm files and information is being retained and can be referred back to when required.

Niche FM has communicated with both the farm owners and farm manager to check that the information provided has been useful and constructive. Niche FM will remain available via phone or remote computer login if required and will be more than happy to assist further as the season progresses and other areas of the farming operation become topical.